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Where Is the Best Thermostat Location for Your Home?

Installing or upgrading your HVAC system leads to many decisions, including where you should place your thermostat. Your thermostat controls your HVAC system and lets you set your ideal temperature.

Yet, many homeowners forget that the thermostat location affects its overall function. If you place your thermostat in suboptimal areas, you may suffer from higher energy bills, uneven heating and cooling, or a low-performing HVAC system.

For the most accurate temperatures in your home, use these tips from an Oro Valley HVAC contractor at Eazy Breezy Heating and Cooling.

The Best Thermostat Location in Your Home

When choosing where to place your thermostat, decide which room you use the most. For most families, the living or sitting room tends to see more action than other rooms. Install your thermostat at least five feet from the floor to avoid incorrect temperature readings.

Where You Shouldn’t Install a Thermostat

Near Windows or Doors

Your thermostat may pick up temperatures from weak seals or the opening and shutting of your windows or doors. These actions trick the system into attempting to meet that outdoor temperature instead of your interior’s set temperature.

Exterior Walls

Especially in summer, heat from the sun’s rays may soak into your exterior walls and against your thermostat location. As a result, it triggers your air conditioner.

Bathrooms or Kitchens

Hot showers and cooking cause temperature spikes. These fluctuations might turn your HVAC on, wasting electricity and money.

Near TV Sets or Lamps

Since these items generate heat, your thermostat may incorrectly read the temperature around them.

Air Supply Ducts and Plumbing

Air and water may send inaccurate temperature readings to your thermostat. Therefore, your HVAC will work overtime to compensate for the cold or heat they radiate.

Non-Central Home Areas

Hallways, guest bedrooms, and areas that don’t see much use won’t provide your thermostat with accurate readings. You want your thermostat location to generate the right temperature for the central part of your home. 

Smart Thermostats: The Best Way to Control Your Temperature

Smart thermostats read the room around them as regular thermostats do. However, you can purchase additional sensors for each room in your home. Each room’s readings tell your thermostat what to do for ultimate climate control.

Smart thermostats offer many features not available with traditional manual or digital thermostats, including:

  • The ability to control them from your app
  • Proximity sensors in the thermostat that dim its light when you’re not near
  • GPS tracking to adjust temperatures as you approach home
  • Alerts for potential HVAC issues when you’re away
  • Learning capabilities to change temperatures depending on your schedule
  • Energy usage tracking and reporting features

Know the Best Location for Your Thermostat

Get ready to enjoy quality heating and cooling with the right thermostat location when installing or upgrading your central HVAC system. Call (520) 207-0334 for assistance with thermostat placement from Eazy Breezy Heating and Cooling.

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