RHEEM Air Conditioner Products

Tucson has a hot desert climate with a hot summer and a mild winter. With the daytime temperatures reaching 100℉, homeowners require an efficient cooling system.

Rheem has established itself as an industry leader in air conditioning systems since 1956. But did you know that they have been here for close to a century? Since then, they have been manufacturing air conditioning and heating systems with some of the modern and technically advanced systems in their repertoire.

Rheem air conditioners have higher customer ratings than any other products. They also have an affordable and durable range of products for customers on a budget.

RHEEM Air Conditioner Products

Rheem Range of Air Conditioners

Rheem offers the finest quality innovative cooling solutions packed with the latest technology. Moreover, it offers various models for different needs, including budget and efficiency.

Rheem Prestige Series

The prestige series has an energy efficiency of up to 19.5 SEER. In addition, they come with a sound blanket for a noiseless operation as low as 71 dB. It can also help adjust humidity levels for optimum comfort.

Rheem Classic Series

With energy efficiency between 13 Seer and 16 Seer, these units are highly rated. Single-stage compressor, composite base, and scroll compressor (for quiet performance) are prominent features.

Rheem Classic Plus

With most of the features remaining the same, the classic plus series comes with a two-stage compressor. It is also eco-net enabled, allowing you to control anywhere in the world.

Rheem Select Series

The select series has an energy efficiency from 11 Seer to 16 Seer. They are enabled with a grille/motor mount for quiet fan operation and a single-stage compressor.
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