How Often Should You Change the Air Filter of Your HVAC?

Maintaining a home comes with a lot of essential tasks to remember. One of those routine jobs is replacing the air filter in your HVAC system, helping your heating and cooling appliances function better, achieve your desired temperatures, and last longer. However, not all homeowners know how often to change the air filter in their […]

Seven Fall HVAC Tips for Homeowners: How You Can Prepare

If you used your air conditioner constantly over the summer, you might wonder how to prepare your HVAC system for winter. Keep reading for seven fall HVAC tips that ensure your system makes it through winter without complication. As the top-rated HVAC experts in Tucson, our Eazy Breezy Heating & Cooling team provides prompt and reliable […]

Can You Plug an Air Conditioner Into a Power Strip?

If you’ve been experiencing exceptionally hot days or nights, you might consider adding another window air conditioner. But can you plug an air conditioner into a power strip safely as you would with smaller appliances?  As the best servicer of HVAC in Tucson, Eazy Breezy Heating and Cooling offers air conditioner maintenance, repairs, and installation […]

What Is Air Balancing in HVAC?

You expect your HVAC system to evenly heat and cool your home every day. As long as you schedule prompt repairs and don’t overwork your system, you shouldn’t expect anything less, right? However, your HVAC system needs occasional air balancing to keep indoor air quality high and air dispersion uniform. What is air balancing anyway? […]

5 Summer HVAC Tips Every Homeowner Should Know

As temperatures rise and outdoor projects take flight, you need a safe haven with ample cool air in which you can escape. You need your HVAC system to work reliably throughout the season.  Our trusted HVAC contractors in Tucson, AZ, at Easy Breezy Heating & Cooling provide a few summer HVAC tips to keep your air […]

7 Spring HVAC Maintenance Tips for Homeowners

HVAC systems often develop problems after sitting dormant throughout the winter. That’s why spring is the perfect time to clean and inspect these units. Regular maintenance from HVAC contractors in Tucson ensures your system is in good shape. Eazy Breezy Heating & Cooling is on-call for all your spring HVAC maintenance needs. Call 520-207-0334 to schedule […]

What Happens When a Furnace Pressure Switch Goes Bad?

A pressure switch works with electricity the way a dam works with water. If the dam is open, water can flow freely. If the dam is closed, it prevents water from moving. Likewise, when the pressure switch is open, electricity can flow through. When the pressure switch is closed, it stops the flow of electricity. […]

Smoke Smell From Furnace: What’s Causing It?

When you turn on the heat and notice a smoke smell from the furnace, it’s normal to feel concerned about a serious problem with your heating system. As the most trusted HVAC contractor in Tucson, our Eazy Breezy Heating & Cooling team receives many calls from homeowners worried about smoky odors from their heaters.  If you […]

Why Won’t My HVAC Turn On: 6 Common Causes

Why won’t my HVAC turn on? It is a valid question if you live or work in the Arizona heat. Locals understand the importance of a fully functional HVAC system, so what are the options when the system breaks down? As the HVAC experts in Green Valley, Eazy Breezy Heating & Cooling shares six reasons […]

What Is Static Pressure in HVAC: The Basics

What is static pressure in HVAC? How does it affect your heating and cooling system, and how can you maintain it properly? Rely on Eazy Breezy Heating & Cooling, your local HVAC specialists in Oro Valley, to provide the HVAC assistance you need. Are you worried about your HVAC system’s health? Reach out to our team […]
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