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8 Air Conditioning Mistakes You Should Never Make as a Homeowner

We all want our air conditioners to run as efficiently as possible without compromising comfort. However, many people are guilty of poor air conditioning management, which leads to reduced comfort and increased energy bills.

As Tucson’s expert HVAC contractors, we’ve gathered some of the common mistakes we’ve seen from homeowners to help you avoid them.

Using the Wrong Size of Air Conditioning Unit 

An oversized air conditioner will cycle on and off frequently and waste more energy cooling your home. An undersized unit will work harder than necessary and wear out faster. A qualified HVAC professional will measure the space to recommend the correct air conditioner size for your home.

Ignoring Dirty Filters

Your air conditioning system brings in air from outside the home and cools it before sending it inside. The built-in filters trap dust and other contaminants in the air, improving the air quality around the space. You need to inspect and replace these filters every three months. Ignoring them makes the air conditioner work harder to cool your home, and your home’s indoor air quality will also worsen.

Ignoring Abnormal Noises

Most air conditioners will make some noise while working. However, after spending time with a unit, you’ll learn what sounds are normal and which ones aren’t. Abnormal noise signifies that your unit is due for repair or maintenance. Ignoring the noise is one of the air conditioning mistakes that will cause more damage over time.

Avoiding Routine Maintenance

Your condenser coils and other parts of your air conditioning unit experience wear and tear every time you turn it on, which is especially true in the summer months. Scheduling regular maintenance keeps your unit in good shape, and it will also help you avoid expensive repairs in the future.

Using an Old Air Conditioning Unit

With the right maintenance, your air conditioning unit can last up to 15 years. However, with each passing year, the unit’s efficiency will decrease. Over time, you’ll have an energy-guzzling unit that doesn’t provide as much cool air as it should anymore. Don’t hesitate to replace old units with newer models when necessary.

Using the Lowest Setting on Your Thermostat

A popular misconception amongst owners of air conditioning units is that turning the thermostat to the lowest setting will cool the house faster. On the contrary, it doesn’t matter: Running the unit at the lowest temperature setting will force the unit to work harder overall, increasing wear and tear.

Using the Air Conditioner When an Electric Fan Will Suffice

Electric fans can cool your home on those mildly warm days. Running your AC unit on those days will lead to more on and off cycles which is bad for the internal components.

Leaving Your Windows Open

Open windows allow cool air to escape from your home while bringing in warm air. The result is an air conditioning unit working harder than necessary. Always keep your windows closed when your air conditioner is working.

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