can you plug an air conditioner into a power strip

Can You Plug an Air Conditioner Into a Power Strip?

If you’ve been experiencing exceptionally hot days or nights, you might consider adding another window air conditioner. But can you plug an air conditioner into a power strip safely as you would with smaller appliances? 

As the best servicer of HVAC in Tucson, Eazy Breezy Heating and Cooling offers air conditioner maintenance, repairs, and installation to keep your home cool year round. Keep reading to find out what these experts say about using a power strip for an air conditioner and various alternatives.

There Are Some Dangers of Using a Power Strip

Let’s start with the basics. For safety reasons, you should only ever plug an air conditioner directly into the wall and never into a power strip or an extension cord. An air conditioner requires far more power than most other appliances, so using a power strip can easily cause electrical fires. 

Does your air conditioner not reach the wall? You can upgrade the unit with a special 12-foot cord.

So, can you plug an air conditioner into a power strip? No, you can’t. But even if you plug it into a wall, you’ll need a proper surge protector to counteract power surges.

There Are Several Ways to Protect Your Home and Appliances

Are you looking to protect your property’s electrical systems in really hot weather? Follow these suggestions:

  • Don’t overload outlets. Plug in one device for each plug point.
  • Only use extension cords temporarily.
  • Don’t use damaged cords.
  • Keep cords away from rugs and furniture.
  • Don’t charge electrical devices, like laptops and phones, on soft or flammable surfaces, like beds or couches. 
  • Hire a licensed electrician to handle any faulty electrical work. 
  • Schedule an electrical inspection every 10 years.

There Are Many Benefits of Installing a Surge Protector

In addition to maintaining your air conditioner, installing a surge protector is paramount to a safe home. It provides several benefits, including the following:

  • Multiple devices: With a traditional power strip, you run the risk of fire and other damage if you plug in multiple devices. A surge protector comes with a Joule rating, which makes it safe to handle more powerful devices using only a single outlet.
  • Storm protection: Lightning strikes are common causes of power surges that damage air conditioners. Without protection, it could burn out your unit and require an expensive replacement.
  • Affordability: You can find a basic surge protector for the price of a family dinner. Even if you purchase a more expensive or powerful version, it still saves you money compared to replacing burnt-out appliances.

If you live in an area with frequent storms or an old electrical grid, surge protectors are a good idea. Be sure to ask your local electrical team about whole-home surge protectors, too.

There Are Local Professionals To Tell You More!

Now you know the answer to, “Can you plug an air conditioner into a power strip?” If you’d like to know more, you can trust Eazy Breezy Heating and Cooling for answers surrounding replacing an air conditioner, installing a new furnace, and much more. Call 520-207-0334 to schedule an appointment today!

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