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Is It Advisable to Replace AC and Furnace Together?

All machines degrade over time. Once your car starts giving you trouble or maintenance gets too expensive, you replace the car. The same goes for an HVAC system.

It’s sometimes cheaper to replace AC and furnace together when the air conditioner fails. While the initial cost is high, it is less expensive long-term to have a brand new system that cools and heats your home.

If it’s time to replace your system, call Eazy Breezy Heating & Cooling at 520-207-0334. We are your AC and furnace installation experts in Tucson, AZ.

When to Replace AC and Furnace Together?

It’s easier to replace both systems when you replace your furnace or air conditioner. There are several reasons why you should change out both systems.

Higher Energy-Efficiency

As technology advances, air conditioners have better SEER ratings, which determines the energy efficiency of your AC unit. A higher SEER rating means a more energy-efficient unit.

If your furnace is ten years old, it won’t run as efficiently as newer systems. Pairing the old furnace and new air conditioner together will result in one of two problems. Either the AC won’t run as efficiently, or the new AC unit will wear out more quickly.

Matching Systems Work Better

Like all machines, different systems work better together than others. For example, some furnaces work better with certain AC units. Compatible systems will support each other and be more energy efficient.

Installing an AC or furnace with an older, incompatible system will lead to significant problems. At best, your system will significantly increase your energy costs. At worst, both systems will run very poorly or constantly break down.

Installing a new cooling and heating  together will result in better air quality in your home and save you from future headaches.

Lower Energy Costs

Most of the monthly cost on an energy bill comes from your HVAC system. The efficiency of your system determines your energy costs over time. A higher efficiency system will result in lower prices.

When you replace AC and furnace together, you have a new system that is much more efficient than an older system. For example, a new heat pump functions as an AC and a furnace. It draws heat from outside and pushes it inside during the cold months and pulls heat out of your home in warmer months.

When Not to Replace the Furnace and Air Conditioner Together?

There are only two reasons not to replace an entire system in your home. One reason is if your budget can’t handle the upfront cost.

Another reason is that one of your systems is already new. You don’t need to replace an AC or furnace that is six years old or younger.

Choosing the Best Option for Your Home

No one knows your home better than you do. You deserve to be comfortable year-round, and we provide the service to make that happen.

Whether you replace AC and furnace together or choose to do just one, Eazy Breezy Heating & Cooling has the experience and equipment to do the job right. Call us at 520-207-0334 for top-tier air conditioning installation services.

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