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Gas vs. Electric Furnace: Which to Choose for Your Home

A furnace’s primary job is to keep your residential or commercial property comfy during the frost-bitten months. However, if you’re replacing or installing a new system, deciphering between gas and electric may be dizzying, especially when searching for the most cost-effective or energy-efficient furnace on the market. 

For a new, more productive way to heat your home this winter, we at Eazy Breezy Heating and Cooling will help you filter through your options. As your  furnace installation experts in Tuscon, AZ, we’ll start by weighing the pros and cons of a gas vs. an electric furnace below, leading you to make the most informed decision.

Installation Fees

Installing a gas furnace, especially if you’ve never had one before, proves more costly than an electric furnace. With more parts to install, including a new gas line and gas valve that helps heated air circulate within your home, this complex installation process could cost thousands of dollars.

Maintenance Charges

Alongside a large upfront installation cost, semi-annual maintenance fees are higher for gas furnaces since they have more parts that may become faulty over time. For instance, a professional needs to service the heat exchanger or condenser coils to prevent leaks. They may also have to repair or replace burners, ignition switches, and flame sensors, as well as other parts as your system ages. 

While each type of furnace should have bi-annual servicing done, gas furnaces prove more dangerous with potential carbon monoxide leaks, making checkups especially vital for your family’s safety.

Cost Efficiency

Although installation and maintenance are more costly with a gas furnace when considering a gas vs. an electric furnace, an electrical unit costs more to run. That makes electric furnaces more expensive in the long term. While the cost of electricity is always on the rise, fuel sources for gas furnaces come from combustible natural gas, which has become cheaper in recent years. 

The harder your system works to produce your desired indoor temperature, the more gas or electricity you’ll burn, increasing your utility bills. However, since the winter temps in Tuscon, AZ, rarely drop below 40 degrees, southern US residents can take advantage of a cheaper electric system in this moderate climate.


While natural gas fuels your gas furnace at a cheaper cost to you, the gas is always in contact with your metal heat exchanger, leading to corrosion. A lack of proper ventilation in the heat exchanger also shortens the lifespan of your gas furnace to 10 to 15 years. 

Even with semi-annual cleanings and inspections, when considering a gas vs. an electric furnace, it’s rare that the former will outlive a low-maintenance electric one that performs well over 30 years.

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